Rental Market

After the Military: Your Guide to Renting and Purchasing Property

You’ve served your country, and are ready to rent or buy property. Congratulations! We value the sacrifices you’ve made, and are committed to making your transition to civilian life as seamless...

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How to Get Your Security Deposit Returned

You’ve heard horror stories about landlords refusing to return a security deposit. How can you be sure it won’t happen to you?  Every state has laws to protect tenants and force landlords to...

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How To Save Money For A House Fast

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new home, it can be a little bit daunting when you realize how much is needed for that down payment, and how to figure out what you can afford to pay in a...

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How to Break Your Lease Properly

Breaking a lease is no small feat. Your landlord can sue you, damage your credit, and affect your ability to find new housing. With a little finesse, you can come to an agreement and stay off the...

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