Three Apartment Hunting Tips:

Looking for an apartment can prove to be an extremely draining task for most prospective renters. Often times, renters are consumed by factors such as cost, apartment size, location, school districts, management just to name a few. Understandably, most people are looking to get the most bang for their dollar when renting an apartment, however it’s essential that renters set realistic expectations.  When searching for a new apartment, my advice is to adhere to the following 3 tips listed below:

1. Set realistic expectations :  Typically, renters start off with very ambitious apartment expectations, which usually doesn’t match budgets. If you are looking to stay in the city ( i.e. Downtown), be sure that your budget reflects such an area. On average, a renter can expect to spend an additional 20% per month on an apartment located centrally in the city.

2. Prioritize your NEEDS vs. WANTS: Write a list of items that are absolute deal breakers (i.e. NEEDS). Good examples of a NEED include: (1) School Districts, (2) Commute to work (3) Number of bedrooms. Examples of WANTS include: (1) granite counter-tops, (2) Stainless Steel Appliances, (3) Attached Garage. Please be sure not to allow your ‘wants” to overshadow your “needs” when searching for apartment rentals.

3. Rate PropertiesWe usually suggest that renters create of list of their top 3 properties and rate them in order from 1-3, with the top rated apartment listed at number #1. Make it sweet and easy on yourself and lease based on your TOP option.

By following these simple tips, your apartment search will surely proceed smoothly and effortlessly!

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Apartments put San Antonio’s fiesta at your doorstep

Those who love history and culture will enjoy finding an apartment in San Antonio, with its rich Texas traditions, Latino culture and exciting mix of German, African-American and Deep South influences. With affordability and convenient location as the top priorities of apartment residents, San Antonio has plenty to offer.

Downtown San Antonio apartments, along with those in the Alamo Heights neighborhood, are convenient to the heart of San Antonio’s downtown, The Alamo, a historic site revered as the cradle of Texas liberty. Established in 1718 as Mission San Antonio de Valero, the Alamo was the site of an epic battle when 189 settlers and frontier heroes such as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie resisted repeated attacks by the vastly greater forces of Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana. After the defenders finally fell on March 6, 1836, the rallying cry, “Remember the Alamo!” inspired Texans to defeat Santa Ana at the Battle of San Jacinto and gain their independence from Mexico.

Downtown San Antonio apartments allow professionals and service personnel alike to enjoy living close to the city’s cultural centers, restaurants and nightlife. The Alamo serves as a focal point for San Antonio’s thriving tourist industry, which draws close to seven million people annually to view its amazing mix of tradition and cosmopolitan progress. Crowning downtown San Antonio’s attractions is the Riverwalk, an enchanting shopping, entertainment and dining district along a canal of the San Antonio River. The Riverwalk meanders down to the performance stages at La Villita, site of the original village, and gives visitors snippets of its other cultures, ranging from the beer and bratwurst of German settlers through African-American soul food and other succulent flavors of the Deep South.

Government workers, military personnel and civilian employees of the armed forces will find that San Antonio offers affordable, convenient apartments in many sectors of the city. As the seat of Bexar (pronounced “bear”) County and one of America’s largest military locations, government services form a major part of San Antonio’s economy. Five military installations in San Antonio include Fort Sam Houston, Air Force Aerospace Medical Center, and Randolph AFB northeast of downtown; Lackland AFB and training center to the southwest; and Brooks Air Force Base, an aerospace medical headquarters, almost due south.

Health care workers will want to search Northwest San Antonio apartments for a home to be close to the South Texas Medical Center, the only medical research and health care provider in South Texas. San Antonio Medical Center Apartments are therefore the best option for the people who work in the health care and medical branches.

Another facet of San Antonio’s multimillion-dollar tourist industry is two major attractions, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Sea World San Antonio. Both attractions employ hundreds of workers. San Antonio apartments along the VIA Metropolitan Transit bus Route 94 will be convenient for those working at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Lying outside the city limits, Sea World employees will find West San Antonio apartments to be more accessible for their commute to the home of Shamu.

No matter what neighborhood serves best for affordable and convenient apartments, San Antonio’s fiesta lifestyle will be right at your doorstep.

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